We provide a wide range of frameless glass products to suit all projects and budgets. At the same time, we always comply with all the latest building regulations and standards.

Frameless Glass Structures/Enclosures

Using all the latest technology, we are able to provide you with an engineered bespoke design to suit your specific needs: this can be anything from a small glass window seat to a fully-enclosed frameless glass conservatory. We are particularly known for our modern, state-of-the-art glass conservatories and we would be happy to put you in touch with some of our existing clients so that they can comment on our work and the excellent service they received.
Our frameless designs are specifically made for a clearer viewing aspect with a clean crisp construction, while our frameless fold back French-styled doors allow you to enjoy the great outdoors - whether they are open or closed all year round. They also keep your property safe and secure.

Frameless Roof lights

Our frameless roof lights are tailored to suit the customer. Where large roof lights are required we are able to introduce triple laminated glass supporting beams which consequently provides for the maximum amount of natural light and sunshine.

Frameless Glass Screens

We provide a range of screens from external insulated screens to a simple shower screens.

Walk On Glass Floor/Terrace

All our glass floors are strong, safe and visually stunning that often bring light those dark dreary basements, whilst providing a safe usable terrace above. All our walk-on panels are triple laminated in order to provide a feeling of safety.

Frameless Balustrades

Our balustrades can enhance any balcony or staircase with a clean, sweeping, clear and defining modern look. Our designs conform to British standard BS6180.

Frameless Commercial Products

Although we work mainly with residential clients, we also supply products to the commercial sector, ranging from shop fronts to atriums. Our frameless designs can provide great natural light to show off shop front merchandise, with additional space for office or reception areas.

Frameless Special Requirements

Today there are many different products on the market that can enhance your living space and the quality of your living standard. Here at Lorkins contracts Ltd we are fully aware of the differing needs that customers require, and are able to provide products such as insulated and solar-controlled glass.
We can also automate single glass sliding doors and remote release frameless insulated doors.

Other Glass products available

Besides our frameless glass range, we can help you with your glass canopies, splash backs, shelves and cupboard doors. Naturally, if there is something you have in mind not featured, we would be delighted to discuss your specific needs with you.